CCleaner Compromised

CCleaner was compromised by hackers

– CCleaner, the popular PC cleaning tool from Piriform and distributed by Avast, was compromised by hackers. This resulted in the install file being modified, added to their servers, and then downloaded by millions of unsuspecting customers. Piriform released a blog post today detailing the incident. They found the malicious code in the program while doing an audit. When installed to the computer, the program then downloads an additional malicious package which transmits PC data and can provide remote control to the PC.

What to do

– If you have installed CCleaner between August 2017 and today, please uninstall CCleaner to ensure the program is gone and then go to to download the program again. We highly suggest you run a full scan with your anti-virus / anti-spyware program(s) as soon as possible.

Call us for peace of mind

– If you do not feel comfortable with doing this yourself, please give us a call at 810-771-8682 to schedule a time to drop the PC off and we will take care of the situation for a fee.

Source: Piriform Blog