Windows 7 Loses Support in 1 Year

All versions of Windows 7 will lose support from Microsoft on January 14, 2020. Windows 7 currently has limited support, only getting security and bug fixes. What does this mean for those who still have Windows 7 on their computers?

Security Alert!

Once Microsoft drops support, any vulnerablilities found will go unpatched by Microsoft. This means, once found, attackers will begin to exploit those vulnerabilities and begin to deliver malicious payloads to steal data amongst other things. This doesn’t mean that once support is dropped, everyone’s Windows 7 PCs are going to get infected. This just means that moving forward, those newly discovered holes are going to used and a lot. If you practice safe web surfing and always keep your software and anti-malware software up to date, you should be fine. For a moment.

Software and Hardware Support Woes

That last part about keeping your software updated will quickly become an issue. When Microsoft drops support for an old version of Windows, many software and hardware manufacturers drop it as well. This can happen before, immediately, or shortly after. With programs not getting patched, your system will begin to have many points of entry as attackers find vulnerabilities in software such as Adobe Reader, Java, Internet Explorer, etc. Hardware manufacturers have already been dropping support with their new hardware so while Windows 7 still has a year, a lot of the newer motherboards don’t have drivers available for it.

What do I do?

When Microsoft was offering free upgrades to Windows 10 for Windows 7 users, that was the best time to upgrade as you incurred no additional cost. However, considering your computer was purchased with Windows 7, it has gotten a little long in the tooth. Upgrading your PC to Windows 10 may not be the best thing to do without making additional upgrades such as RAM, a new hard drive, or a solid state drive instead of a hard drive. We do believe if you really like your current computer, then let us evaluate your computer for any potential upgrades. Often, if anything, an upgrade to an SSD and Windows 10 can make your PC feel like you bought a new one.

New, Refurbished, or Linux!

Buying a new or refurbished PC maybe a better option for you if you purchased an entry level computer when Windows 7 first came out. The cost to upgrade the PC and the new Windows 10 license could be too expensive to justify the cost. An alternative to Windows 10 is Linux. We prefer Linux Mint – Cinnamon as the alternative which has a clean interface and has all the software the average user needs to be productive, play light games, and surf the web and social media. Linux Mint is always getting updated, is extremely secure and safe from malware, and is easy to use. Don’t be afraid of the sound of Linux. If you have ever considered a Mac, MacOS is built off of Unix which Linux is also built from.

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